Monday, November 15, 2004

Planet Home

I thought I'd take you on a guided tour to some of my favourite areas. But because I'm so lazy I will of course be sticking within 2 minute walking distance from my house... but don't let that detract from the fun!

Tour go:
In no way is the name of this Youth Health Service a threat:

This wall has better conversation skills then I do:

A nice, friendly welcoming statue for the hospital for mothers and babies. Except for one little thing... HE WILL DESTROY YOU AND FEAST ON THE FIRST BORN!!!

It's impossible to say the ridiculous name of this shop without saying the unridiculous "convenience store". A dirty cost-cutting printing trick:

I thought they were cringing WITH me:

Right, mock the disabled MORE why don't you?

Most awesome shope ever:

Give me all of your mothers and babies!!!!! TO EAT!!!!

Also, check out the reviews for this product. Not one person even considered reviewing the shoes properly... makes for some fun reading.

I saw the last episode of Sex and the City tonight. I never thought I'd say it, but this is one show that even I wouldn't buy in a DVD boxset (even if it comes in a shoebox). It was so shit it could have been writen by J.T. Timberlake.


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