Friday, July 23, 2004

Franz, Munyon.

Michael Jackson's new cd, 'Behind the Mike' is out! It turns out that he used the design (and title) I made for his album, and my name appears in the liner notes (twice). Strange thing is, he has spelt my name as 'Wil'. Seems as if my desire to have a slightly cooler name is no longer merely a desire. Or maybe he just thought I was the type of wanker who would demand that my name be spelt like that. Either way I win!

 Michael Jackson.

Franz Ferdinand were on last night. Despite the fact that I had to be BLACKLISTED from the metro to get the tickets (through my own doing, of course), the gig was very awesome. The drummer had no teeth and was about 5ft tall, the bassist was angsty and shy, the guitatist danced around and the singer pranced. The perfect band!

Franz Ferdinand

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Polystation: 10000000 in 1

So I was in Newtown Variety, looking for a chess set, and what did I see? For $15.95 a...
With 10,000 000 games built in! Awesome 64 bit graphics! CD quality sound!
Ok, so really it has 4 shonky NES games built in, but it lets you select them in 10,000 000 different ways. And it comes with a shifty light gun and Duck Hunt! I've always wanted Duck Hunt, and I'm sure I would have turned out a much more violent person if I had got it when I was 8 (and much more handy with a gun as well). By far the best $15.95 I ever spent!

 Duck Hunt collect!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Trivial Pursuit

We played Trivial Pursuit and got pie!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ruth and the Big Banana

My tamagotchi, God, died yesterday. That was after Pat and Alys subjected it torture by feeding it snacks until it got tooth aches, then leaving it in the dark and punishing it. This treatment turned my previously conscientiously raised $20 pet into a horrible child eating monster that was impervious to tooth aches and made me cry every time I looked at it. Yet now I have a new one called Sod and have no intention of looking after him. And to think I once stopped in the middle of the road just to make God happy. Now God is dead.
 The horrible child-eating monstrosity.
I got my exam results back! Huzzah! 79 for Samurai and 88 for Indigenous Art. Hah! Take that Ruth (my sister/nepotistic employer at the Aboriginal Art Gallery who has a banana phobia)! I think I will send her a postcard from the Big Banana. 

I beat Alys at chess. Twice! She got ridiculously mad and vowed never to play again. She didn't like it when I took her pieces. It made her angry.

Whale watching made the front cover of the SMH today. Pat will be angry. Although he will be very impressed with a sign that Alys and I stole from the 'Planto' last night (we went out on the 'town' last night. Basically we just stayed at the Plantation listening to a crappy cover band because I was too scared to go in the Coffs Hotel).

I've decided I want to do media next year. Then again, that comes after other 'certain' decisions that I want to become a geography teacher, lawyer, graphic designer and generic office worker.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Mascots Of Learning

I hate Sydney University. Why won't they give me my results?
Now I will publically MOCK their "mascots of learning", that they display on the main page of their site. I mean, just look at them,

  Backwards clock.
  Looks like shifty politician from Round the Twist
  He is holding someone's brain. Maybe his?
  His left hand is a giant dino claw.

The Pointsman

According to, The service of "The Student Administration Service" you are trying to access is currently down. Please try again later.
The particular service of The Student Administration "Service" that I was trying to access was my exam results. So far I only have one result back (conditionals, 65), and they gave me that on Tuesday. But results are only released once all assessments have been marked... Methinks the Student "Administration" Service uses desperate result hungry students, whose sense of self worth comes entirely from academic assessment, to gain hit points on their site. 
Oh well. Alys' house is very cool, and Coffs Harbour isn't too bad either (although the 'Big' Banana lies!).
I missed BooBah today. Although I did have a nightmare in which we watched BooBah, but it was actually some horrible mature version with real people dealing with real issues, rather then the standard coloured blobs floating around in a rainbow land and giving shifty eyes. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Deed

This blog is better than my old one! Although it doesn't have comic sans.