Thursday, October 28, 2004

Licensed to Ill

It all sucks. I'm in the middle of my exam period, with 6000 words due in a week, and I am too illin' to move my head. How can I be expected to do my anal-retentive daily work schedule if I can't move my head? Fuck. Luckily I got an extension on my practical ethics exam till the 8th, but that will make it impossible to study for my logic test on the 9th, and my renaissance essay on the last supper still looms. Argh! FUCK.

If only being sick in the non-streetwise sense was this cool.

In other slightly less depressing news, apple has just released a new iPod which is 60GB, has 15h battery life (that's twice mine) and, oh yeah, is colour, displays photos and album art! Album art!? I love album art. Damnit. I would give anything for that function. And also it impacts upon a key component of the art history honours thesis which I am (might be) going to write next year on album art (thanks to alys for the awesome idea). I was going to talk about how the digital music revolution, mainly iPods, impacted upon artwork, since on the text only iPod screen, all albums are equally represented. Oh well.

"The sun fell down again last night on my frustration" (generic emo band).

Ok so the last news was depressing too. Well finally some spring cheer. The other day I was in SoMusic on King St buying the Wedding Planner soundtrack, and this woman came up to me and asked what nationality I was. I replied that I was Australian. She was like "no, no you're not. You're Polish". So I said, "well some people have mistaken me as Swedish before". And then she was all (sorry, running out of ways to express talking) "no no Sweden is too far west. I am talking about East Europe. That is where you are from". So I replied "maybe I was adpoted", and it appeared to her that that was the only explanation.
Anyway, soon enough her boyfriend came up and said "I apologise, her nationality is stupidity". In her defense, my Australian nationality has always been a point of contention. Apart from the Jian Swedish incident, there was my "Dolph" nickname at Timbertop, which was given to me because I looked like Scandinavian F-grade movie star Dolph Lundgren:

Does this mean that I too am 'master of the universe'?
Welcome to the superbonustime hidden blog: Look, I made a links section! I have been secretly practicing skateboarding on my balcony haha! Also, I just ordered the entire OC first season on DVD for Alice's birthday, but it will be getting here early so I can watch all 27 episodes in a row (Australia is only up to episode 16). Le cagou!


At 10/30/2004 12:06:00 PM, Blogger Elen said...

You DO look like that guy!

At 10/30/2004 06:14:00 PM, Blogger conditionals said...

Hmmm well I guess it was much cooler than my other nickname at school, which was Igor. Do I really look like THIS guy?


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