Friday, May 26, 2006

Stab Yourself in the Neck

"Cho did not hate him for being alive." - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, p.255.

It all makes sense now. Harry Potter is emo. As in, he is all that is and ever was emo. All those stupid storylines, they are just a vehicle for the emo adventures of Harry. Consider the evidence: Black hair? Check. Black clothes? Check. Glasses? Check. Short-tempered? Check. Sulky? Check. Feels alienated all the time? Fragile past? Constant thoughts of death? Check, check and Czech!

And now, in Book 5, there are girl troubles. It's the final piece of the emo puzzle! I'm just up to the bit where Cho (totally emo love interest... Harry witnessed her boyfriend's death and he thinks it's hot when she cries [p.4111]) is approaching him with "I really like you Harry", while his brain is broken and he thinks of how no-one has loved him since his parents' untimely death. I've had to turn off my Walkman at this point, because the weight of such emo schenanigans are more painful than listening to a thousand Death Cab for Cutie songs at once. It's AWESOME.

The greatest moment ever captured on film. Click for more!

I think the real question is why Wizard Rock is not a branch of emo.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rank Sales

Angels and Airwaves is Tom DeLonge's new band. He used to be in Blink-182. They have an album called "We Don't Need to Whisper".

Here is a picture of the internet for you to consider alongside this information:

Hmm, bet he's thankful his old band wasn't Blink-103,492.

PS: I want to try and convey how pretentious Angels and Airwaves are... but my mind keeps on getting boggled whilst writing. So I'll try to sum it up quickly: DeLonge describes the band as the most important thing to happen (in the world) in the last two centuries. He claims the music will make people see God. Angels and Airwaves are releasing a movie in conjunction with the album. It is a world war II movie. The story of the movie is based on Tom DeLonge's life... AND NOW YOUR HEAD EXPLODES.

Pretty self-important for a guy who wanted to fuck a Mexican pirate's dog only two albums ago...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spoil your Summer

I submitted a Summer canvas for the 'young artist prize' at this year's Stencil Festival. The theme was censorship.. So I sort of censored it. Or at least encouraged some nuking.

In any case, it made the short list (ie: all the submissions fit on a shortish list). There's an audience price [fully sic.], which is tallied on the net over at stencilrevolution. You should totally register and vote for me to WINS, or otherwise check out and vote for one of the other works, becuase they're mostly even radder (you have to comment to vote... kind of poorly done). The vote ends Sunday, so go go go!

That's an acetate overlay with the 'censor' paint markers on it, which you can pull up to reveal a normal Summer. Don't ask me what the bottom left thing is... it was totally fuelled by thesis.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Once upon a time, I had to write 1,000 words a day for like 5 days, and it drove me totally loco. Now I have to do that everyday FOR EVER* = IA M LOCO OUT OF MY MIND!@#$ *THESIS IS FOREVER> etc.

Anyway, last time I went loco, I talked to giant butterflies in the desert. Now I talk to Mr. T. He appears on a steel panel in my thesis cubicle only after midnight, and ususally disses on me. The words "Jive" and "Fool" are frequently invovled. I've managed to take a photo of him in action:

That's him there. See his Mr. T face and hair? Click for clearer image.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Axis of Axes

My thesis is eating my brain, but if I survive I will eventually cut these stencils. As usual, I'm sticking with people who use their powers for awesome.

Click for larger image and/or discount knee surgery.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Poorly Named Business #36