Sunday, October 15, 2006

Party Packin'

I had a Noddy party once. While not as awesome, these Hi-5 party packs, avaliable in foodmarts, still make for one fully attended birthday party:

Or... do they? They give you six settings... but how many invites?

So, basically it is assumed that at least two people the hapless kid invites to their party will not come. 3/4 is the MAXIMUM amount of friend-party turnover allowed. No exceptions.

It must be science or something.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What the Deuce?

If you're anything like my past self, then the words "My", "Fair" and "Lady" conjure up images of boring, oldskool, daytime crap. I used to be like this.

Then I saw the last 10 minutes of My Fair Lady for the first time in years. And my brain broke. What I had previously read as a corny, generic 'rags to riches' romance is actually a foretelling of Stewie from the Family Guy. Seriously. What the hell? Stewie in My Fair Lady?

Watch this "you tube" movie I made. It proves many things. Like, for instance, the words I just said:

Also, in case you don't know who Stewie is. I found a crummy video: