Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mo' apostrophes!

I bought plasticine today. It was an awesome chance to relive my childhood days, when mum used to buy me rainbow clay kits and I'd sit for hours building ninja turtles and other favourite things of mine. Here's what I came up with:

The Battle of Blaxploitation:
The army of the uncool (the army men slavin' for the man) threaten to pinch the hard earned bling from the blaxploiters, headed by Eminem (like an m&m, white on the outside, black on the inside), Michaelangelo [sic] (he just oozes the cool, no pun intended) and Sandy (from the O.C.: the godfather of funk). Also on the blaxploitin' team is a (nail)Polish army soldier, who defected to the cool side after gettin' fed up wit those fools dissing on his sexuality (now he plays for the other team!). Battle on bruthas, keep dat ice!

Here's a closer look at my little masterpieces:

Eminem, Michaelangelo and Sandy.

What else happened today? Well, since everyone bar Charlie and Liz finished their respective exams, we hit the bottle at about 3pm and spent the day doing stupid things in the hot. The bulk of it was taken up by mo' skateboarding in Camperdown park. If you look to your right you will see a randomly generated trading-card featuring a skateposin' proskating skater. Collect all 5! Meanwhile here is Pat chillin', maxin' and relaxin', in a photo that best sums up the day:

"I am the sun of ray Charles"

For the rest of the day we watched Scream (take that Alys!), got hungover at 8pm and had terrible port at the Town Hall. I was also conned (by my stomach) into buying a ridiculously overpriced sundae at Gelatomassi at midnight. Tasted expensive.

I've got to say that I find the whole Shady/Aftermath Hip Hop mafiaism very intruiging. I mean here you have these pretty ordinary guys like Dr. Dre and Eminem, yet they have legions of 'crews' who would do anything to protect them. I think basically the way it goes is, if you diss on 50 cent, G-unit fucks you up. If you diss on Eminem, 50 cent AND G-unit fucks you up. If you diss (or PUNCH!!!) Dr. Dre then you are just fucked full stop. See here we have a simple, nice awards ceremony honouring Dr. Dre's lifelong achievement. Some guy comes up and punches the doc, and out of nowhere G-unit descends upon said guy and ouches him with chairs and stabbing. Ouch. It's a scary thought, and it makes you wonder how a hierachy like that forms. They must have mo' paper.

On a final note, my mac msn looks way cooler than the boring windows one. It skins it as a conversation, thus making it interesting to talk even if nobody wants to speak to you. Observe:

George V ponders on what to do after realising that there are no children to devour.


At 11/21/2004 12:53:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to nerd it up with an image rotator, you nerd!

script language="JavaScript"
function will_nerdy(){
document.write('will is a nerd')

nice blog makeover btw. i will install movabletype 3.1 when i get back to sydney, and make things cool again.

and i'm totally like "whaaaat?" in that photo.

free trains on monday! go crazy!

- pat

At 11/21/2004 03:47:00 PM, Blogger conditionals said...

start: html
plug-in: pat = nerdier than will, /p /home /internet
10> pat = nerdier than will
20> will
30> not as nerdy as pat
40> goto home
/ animated gif
/ go button

I will go crazy on monday. Crazy enough to catch the train to work for free.


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