Monday, February 07, 2005

Sugar Daddy

We're staying with Alys' cousins in a remoteish area out of Paris (sort of like the distance from Turramurra to Sydney... obviously it's very close). It's fun here beacause they have baguettes, 24 hour Asterix tvm supermarket chains called ATAC and the family is really nice. But there are also children here. They are scary, happy children, who are, disturbingly, Michael Jackson's dream children. This is because they chase me around all night trying to touch and sit on me (and ofen suceeding). And then, when I'm having a (cold, showercurtainless, altogether dodgy) shower, they molest me with their eyes. Argh! Why is there such little belief in lockable bathroom doors in France? 24 hours a day I am faced with this:

No! She's doing it with the eyes again!

There is a brand of sugar here. It is called Daddy. During dessert last night (mmm, crepes), lines like this were spoken: "can you please pass me the Daddy sugar?", "stop hogging the Daddy", "can I take a photo of you with Daddy?" etc. The best thing about Daddy is the promotion on the packet:

With every pack of sugar Daddy, you get a free set of pimpin' gloves.

Sometimes things get a bit crazy in translation. For example, Michael Chrichton has a new book out called 'State of Fear'. Kind of a boring, generic title right? However, when they brought it out in Austria, they changed the title a tiny bit. What was once boring, now becomes:

The world's foremost emo author. (I was originally hoping that Cath's book title would have an awesome German translation, but seriously, 'Till Debt Do Us Part' could never be bettered. Ever.)


At 2/08/2005 10:02:00 AM, Blogger brydie said...

is there any chance of seeing some pics of you and alys at all???
we missed you at the lake...though i did learn something
that rule you mentioned (in foreign countries, buy the product with the coolest name) also applies when on the central coast
while looking for non-dairy products, i came across an all-oil, no-dairy butter substitute called "supafry"
we didn't buy it as i was the only non-vegetarian there at the time, and even though i am a carnivorve, congealed animal fat still doesn't do it for me
HOWEVER (point of this post), it did spawn this awesome pun:
"wow, this butter-substitute is supafry, ghee"

At 2/10/2005 11:53:00 PM, Blogger yasmaniac said...

hey. just wanted to post a little comment and i had to register a blog so that i didn't have to post as an anony-mouse, coz there are so many anony-mouses out there i would get lost in the crowd so i registered and they made me set up a blog so now i have a blog but i don't want a blog and i never wanted a blog i just wanted to be able to post not anony-mousely so what do i do with a blog i don't even think blog is a word it's just a bunch of constanants with a vowel in a convienient place.

what i wanted to say will was that you have no photos of alys on this blog of yours so i am beginning to think that you locked her in an aeroplane toilet or waltzed her into the blue danube or fed her croissants til she exploded. please allay these fears by putting many pictures of the two of you up.

did you have a good time in paris? ei ffel(t) you did.

At 2/11/2005 05:22:00 AM, Blogger Jean_Therapist said...

It's anony-mice, yas.

wierdly enough I had shower-privacy issues in france as well. HAVE THEY NO SHAME!?

Clearly this is why paris is the city of lurve. People keep charging in on one another naked. It's got to take a toll somewhere.

At 2/13/2005 01:45:00 AM, Blogger conditionals said...

It may be the city of lurve, but it's also the city of louvre. And the louvre was disappointingly the worst place ever.

Don't worry I have photos of Alys. Here they come today!

The butter here is called President. Do you think there's some subliminal bashing going on?


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