Saturday, January 29, 2005

Vienna & Jetlag & Crazy keyboards

Hello! Don't have much time to write since I'm using someone else's computer, so I'll put some awesome travel facts in point form... ok so actually, the real reason I'm not going to write much is becauße they have CRAZY keyboards here with mixed up letters and it's driving me to insanitz!

ß The plane trip was ridiculously long, but there were little screens in the back of the seats! Pity they only showed the following movies on repeat: Mr. 3000, The Little Black Book, Without a Paddle and Alien vs Predator. Look any of these up on the internet for instant suicidal feelings! I had to declare McDonald's cookies at customs!

ß It's minus 5 degrees and covered with snow! It's so far beyond cold that it's just pain incarnate. I think I could get used to it. Ok, the ' button on this keyboard has been hidden in a strange place and replaced with ä. So Iäm going to use ä as ' now. Hooraz! Oh zeah, the z is a y. I went trudging in snow!

ß The art galleries here are awesome! But I wonät go into that. Letäs talk more about crayz (actual spelling on keyboard) austrian things. Their mars bar packets are written in a different font! Thez have diet coke with lemon!!!!! AND thez have a popular drink which tastes exactlz like Diet coke with lemon. Trulz, it is mz paradisedreamland. Thez also have häribo gummi bears in VENDING MACHINES! Itäs supercool! Their train system is awesome, a train comes everz 4 minutes (thatäs real minutes, not cityrail minutes). Thez have 2 tv channels. One is boring german people doing boring, depressing german stuff. The other shows angela anaconda dubbed in german. They have a rapper here called MadDoppelT. And they sell good wine in supermarkets! Oh! And they have rich looking classical buildings which exist only to blow smog into the air 24 hours a day! Awesome!

ß Crazy little shops in sydney are actually giant chains in Vienna. Like SPAR supermarkets (thereäs a crappy one on king st) and Mr. Minit! And McDonalds!

ß Ads, fashion, posters, products etc stopped their development in the early 90s. I mean there are giant yellowed pictures of people donned in Hypercolour tshirts at the main station!

Anyway, I canät post pictures yet. But I will! Iäm tired, but we're going to a party tonight with a guy called felix. More later!



At 1/29/2005 09:15:00 AM, Blogger Jean_Therapist said...

Naja, supercool! Hast du viel deutsch gelernt?

Sounds awesome. Zaz! Though, you know, perhaps they aren't behind, because the 90's is back, they could be ahead. On the other hand, I think they are probably behind. German speaking countries tend to have the wurst fashion sense. Anyway, good to bier from you. I hope the trip hosen't left you too jetlagged, and that the bad movies have torte you something about bringing light reading wherever you go.

If you're still there when you get this, go to the sacher hotel and have a hot chocolate for me. Believe it or not, despite having invented the thing, their sachertorte is actually a bit dry.

At 1/29/2005 05:16:00 PM, Blogger Rose and Lils said...

we have diet coke with lemon in australia. they sold it in the coke machines at school last year. once i went to get a real coke, and i got one of these fake cokes. they taste like death. sorry to trample on your inspirations.

At 1/31/2005 10:14:00 PM, Blogger conditionals said...

Ah yes, but see "they" (the evil people of Australia) decided that coke with lemon tastes disgusting, leaving me to get my kicks with the Morning Fresh detergent. But in Vienna, I can finally get my drink which simultaneously quenches my thirst and cleans the glass it is in. I wish my vending machines would make such awesome mistakes.

Alice, I went to a Vienesse coffeehouse and ordered French Fries and Coke. It's just as embarrassing to order that as a main meal as it is in Australia. Mein deutsch ist sehr good, dakne. Aber, wo ist meine bibliothek? I'll go around the city today with a notepad and study up on replying to your puns. And I'll have some Demel sachertorte.

At 2/01/2005 02:54:00 PM, Blogger Jean_Therapist said...

Coke already cleans the glass it is in. I heard one housewife praising its efficacy in cleaning toilets that NO OTHER CLEANING PRODUCT could make a dent in. Aparrently diet coke is better, though because the lack of sugar means it doesn't attract ants. I didn't drink coke BEFORE hearing that. Now I won't even go near it without some kind of hazmat suit.


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