Sunday, February 13, 2005

Pour for sortie out

The interent is hard to find in France. According to Alys, apparently it's because they got caught up in this strange thing called "minitel", which is basically the interent but instead of having internet things on it, it just has a text only phone directory. Because they were so engrossed in the minitel, they didn't notice the internet and it's non-text-only ways growing steadily in the entire rest of world. Plus, they vend EVERYTHING (flowers included).

They also seem to be a bit behind in their advertising. Look at what I found next to a whole bunch of ads for the upcoming Snoop Dogg concert (I can't believe I won't be here for that):

I'm pretty sure that means "Down with Reagan".

'Lost in Translation' is still playing at the movies here. And speaking of movies that are lost in the translation, look at how 'Meet the Fockers' turned out:

It's so funny on 0 levels.

Also there are some pretty ambitious people here in Paris. I mean, look at this tractor driver, tractors aren't meant to go down stairs!

Look at how he dropped his goods though.

Ok so you want photos?:

Alys at our awesome 1 star 'Perfect Hotel', complete with squeaking bed springs, screaming couples, and, on one night, a room with a view of the septic tank (and a brick wall).

Alys, the sun and Montmartre.

So many people have black cons here. Somehow, that doesn't make the fact that we both wear them everyday any better.

If I really look like this then I apologise to the eyes of anyone who's ever looked directly at my teeth.

The reason Alys is laughing is obviously because I just made a joke about it being my arch-nemisis.

And that is just a really big Louis Vuitton bag.

In other news, the Louvre totally sucks and is full of junk. But the Musee D'Orsay is the best place ever. Angelinas makes awesome hot chocolate. Wine costs less than coke and everything is measured in centilitres. German mtv sucks, German cartoon network only shows Scooby Doo and CNN is scary.

Also, happy birthday to Brydie, Pat and Will!


At 2/13/2005 03:42:00 AM, Blogger pat a. said...

cheers man. i bet you all the money i have that tractor photo was at/near monmatre. i stayed in an apartment near there a few years ago. france is awesome.

i got some all black cons the other day. take that, not-entirely-black-con-wearing people.

good to see photos of you both. proves your blog isn't being written by a pun robot (i think).

At 2/13/2005 07:06:00 PM, Blogger Jean_Therapist said...

Damn, I was only reading because of the probot. How are your toes holding up? are they frozen?

At 2/13/2005 07:22:00 PM, Blogger neville said...

I wouldn't worry about your teeth - I don't want to alarm you but - have you noticed that your hand seems to be quite a lot bigger than when you left? could it be the cold or staring out the window of the plane? I'm going to be pretty careful next time I fly cause you just don't know ......

At 2/14/2005 03:50:00 AM, Blogger conditionals said...

It's because I was so scared of looking out the plane window that I spent 12 hours trying to mentally make my hand big enough to cover the entire porthole. Success!

At 2/14/2005 04:02:00 PM, Blogger brydie said...

kirsten dunst...KIRSTEN DUNST??????
i may never forgive you for not cutting off her hair but thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

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