Monday, December 27, 2004

Yule have a great time in their presents

Hooray for christmas! What a fun time it was! Beneath all the family warmth, christmas spirit, generosity of giving etc is a true sense of hardcore consumerism. And you know how much I love consumerism! By far the coolest gift ever was friends. No, I don't mean the gift of frienship or some soppy crap like that. I mean my friends boxset with all ten seasons contained in a little box with doors. 10,000 MINUTES OF FRIENDS. And they have a little house to live in! Wowee!

I'll never be alone again now I have friends!

And then there was the stocking that santa filled for me. Now, I don't really know how santa manages to stuff the stocking after he has downed at least 1 billion glasses of cognac, but somehow he managed to come up with the goods. I got holographic novelty glasses with skeletons on them! And a book of logic puzzles! And a glowing blue laser light from Dick Smith Electronics! Man, I'm a NERD! But seriously, check out my awesome blue pen!

This doesn't even give you an inkling of its awesomeness!

As for the presents that I gave other people, I gave Alice a Dolly subscription, but since it had no physical actuality, I wrapped a giant, empty box. She got really excited when she the huge present for her under the tree, but after minutes of unwrapping she found it only contained old SMH newpapers with cryptic crosswords (as if that's not an awesome gift in itself!). Dad thought 'In the Shadow of No Towers' was awesome, and mum's present kickstarted her long-threatened writing career (thanks Alice). And let's not forget the christmas cracker jokes. This year brought my absolute favourite cracker joke ever: "Q: Why do barbers make the best drivers? A: Because they know all the short cuts". I hope everybody's christmas crackers/times in general were just as fun.

Anyway, today Alice and I drove back home, via Penrith. Of course, we stopped for lunch at both Krispy Kreme and McDonalds (both right next to each other, conveniently). I managed to have five KK doughnuts in 5 hours. As for the other little-circles-of-tasty in the KK box... well I think this unsolicited late-night infa-red image tells that story:

Forget friends, with KK I'm really never alone!

I saw 'Meet the Fockers' tonight. Hilarious. Sidesplitting. AWESOME. Dustin Hoffman is my new god. Better than the first one. Even though it had Barbra Streisand.


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