Thursday, December 23, 2004

Pimpland, 1975.

I'm starting to realise that my dad is a lot more of a pimpin' gangsta then I had previously thought. Perhaps he's even a little like 50 cent. Like fid, dad too walks with a limp (though I doubt it's cos he's been hit wit' a few shells), carries a cane and has wads of cash (doesn't believe in wallets, which was a problem in egypt when he waved a wad around in front of the "police" (ie: the guys with the biggest guns). But I think it's the pimping and exploitation that really bring the two to the same level of gangstism. Take a look at this picture that is on proud display in our hallway at home:

I like the dollar sign, to show what he exploits them for.
(update: this image IS real... no photoshop).
Anyway, seeing this picture has made me wonder what awesome pimping adventures my dad must have gotten up to in the 70's. Would he have chased jive-ass-suckas down the streets in his cadillac, whence upon catching up he would intimidate them with wads of benjamins, flick a switch on his jewel-encrusted bling-cane and dance a funky robot dance? I'm pretty sure it would have gone 1000% like this:

Adventures in downtown Pimpland, 1975.

Now I'm confused. Do I still want to grow up to be sandy or do I want to be like clivedaddy? Well, while I'm thinking about that, I'm off to Yasmin's party. There will be food there. This is good. I haven't been eating very well (my breakfast today was just like a chocolate millkshake... only it was one).


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