Saturday, December 11, 2004

Better than the moving pictures

I went to an oratorio called 'the messiah' (it's the one with 'Hallelujah') with my family last night at the opera house. Man, talk about a one hit wonder oratorio (do people talk about that?)! Three hours and they only played one good song. Alice and I nearly went insane. I tried to sneak read one of the 3 Archie double digests that I had bought at Comic Kingdom earlier in the day (I hid them in program), but elite opera-goers sitting behind me woudn't have any of it. Anyway, it was lucky for Alice and I that the accompanying program for the Messiah was so bad it was good. Here's some stuff from it that kept us entertained for the three excruciating hours:

Mobile 'phones? Oh I say these newfangled stereophonic devices of to-day! My word!

These were the singers in the Messiah. What, are wanky hands a requisite in these photos?

Anyway, I made a UTS diss image. The only problem is that I really like UTS (especially the tower, I think I'm the only person in the world who regards it as humankind's greatest architectural feat) and often wish that I went there. But seriously, such a diss idea was too good to pass up:

A high disstinction.

For no reason at all, I decided that this morning before work would be the best possible time to take a new picture for my blogger profile. So I set up the camera and... um, took quite a few images. And I was late to work. Am I not the biggest fool in the entire world? Here are some of the highlights:

If I don't get my coffee I may destroy you.

On the back of a taxi today I saw the sticker "Taxi drivers united for a change". I have newfound respect for all back-of-taxi stickers now. As a complete contrast, I saw a shitty image on a church billboard featuring line drawings of the three wisemen and the big star, with 'the original Star Trek' written across it. Sigh.


At 12/12/2004 07:46:00 AM, Blogger Jean_Therapist said...

ahaha 'beam me up, goddey'

'I cannae hoold her awee from sin, cap'n'

'we will have to send ensign Jesus (a fine hispanic lad) down to the surface of this potentially hostile planet'

The taxi one would have been better if it had been taxi drivers united for spare change, but one takes what one can get.

At 12/13/2004 12:20:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

yoru little photo series only features seth in some of the shots... was he there or not thee originally?

At 12/13/2004 02:08:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

oh and the UTS bag out is biting and clever.
Results girl is missy higgins in a wig!

At 12/13/2004 02:17:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

thirdly, is that building look like its falling over to you?!?!?!' the leaning tower of teacher...

At 12/13/2004 05:19:00 PM, Blogger Jean_Therapist said...

No. Schlanty is COOL.

At 12/13/2004 05:41:00 PM, Blogger conditionals said...

1. Oops you caught me... yes I moved the Seth picture there halfway through the "shoot" so I could shoot him there with me.

2. People in G-unit at Timbertop used to draw loving pictures of Missy Higgins, but I'm not one of them.

3. If that building was to start falling, the gods themselves would keep it up due to its beauty. Although I like the idea of the leaning tower of teacher.

Also Alice, your Star Trek puns were so good I was unable to comment.


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