Thursday, February 09, 2006

Am I?

Whilst reading the Dinosaur Comics today, I came across the most awesome thing ever in the history of me saying "ever in the history". Seriously. And it's Garfield.

No, wait! You have every right to want to skepticise me out of the country, banishing me onto a remote, desolate island called Skeptopia. But imagine this: a Garfield which is subtle, morbid, pessimistic. A Garfield which addresses the monotony and circular despair of everday life. Most importantly, a Garfield which is funnier than anything you've ever seen before.

Such a Garfield exists... and all you have to do is manually remove Garfield's text from the comic. What follows is the tale of Jon, a desperately lonely, somewhat psychotic cat owner . Observe:

Many, many more can be found here.


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