Friday, July 15, 2005

A Bike Felon Me

Sure, to the casual observed I look like an inoffensive bicycler with my low-GI water bottle and sunwise helmet-with-sun-visor. But for all you know I could be a terrifying member of a notorious biker gang intent on running over a few duck families before I snort shards of light bulb through a used syringe on my barstool of rusty nails:

His name is Helmut.

Also, Lil’ Jon, everyone’s favourite crunker/inadvertent comedic genius, is back! Every other “comedian” should worship at the temple of Lil’ Jon and drink holy crunk juice from his diamond encrusted goblet of eternal wonder.

You can't be crunk and ballroom dancing? I've swear I've seen Derryn Hinch do it!


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