Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I am Killbot Joe

Well, protractorbeam has gone and my blog is back. Sounds like good news? Not entirely. Unfortunatley Set Square and the whole gang have moved to here, just so, you know, you can keep up with the compelling story.

When I moved the comics, I deleted the comments. So here they are, just so you can relive the glory days:

Will D:
Am I the only one revelling in the delightful adventures of these three?
Rock on.
See you soon!

the triangle has 180 degrees not, as the author would have you believe, 45 degrees.
you're all wankers

Will D:
Wow. I guess someone else *is* revelling.

No, that was garth. He's one of them 'haterz'.

Will D:
Sad to hear. Should be more people named Garth deservin' of the title.
Peace out.

I'm not one of the 'haterz' - rather a conscientious objector.

OOOOh I like it -- the are weird ...
......................and I found the crazens

man, i just realsied the whole front page is filled up with these comics now. i'm surprised you haven't burnt out yet.


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