Saturday, March 26, 2005

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Sometimes things get a little scary. Like when you wake up in the morning on the couch with one shoe on, an empty double-pack or Oreo's stuck to your chest and the oc episode that you put on repeat on the tv in it's 8th straight rotation of Seth's antics (a purely hypothetical situation of course... who could ever fall asleep with Seth n' Sandy on... their lives are better than any dream). Also, when Marky, who I think works at a seedy toy company (though that information could be out of date because a few months ago his boss locked him in the store for 5 hours with nothing to eat but a used-by salami), finds THIS as the default internet explorer windows desktop on the computer at his work:

(It's the 5x5pixel image of me from the SMH article about theatresports). What are the implications of having seedy toy shop owners setting me as the default background on their computers? Hopefully some sort of lawsuit. Or at least some cracked monitors.

Jordan and Robyn went to Funktrust on Thursday night, and I'm pretty sure they went with the intention to git crunk. Not exactly sure what it means to git crunk? Well, who better to ask then Lil' Jon, the inventor of crunk? Rean on:

Ah right, so I just need to pick up some fresh clothes, watch, chain, platinum goblet and diamond teeth before I go get crunk. Maybe that's what those drive-thru 24 hour dentists in LA are for.

Ok, so in German, 'die' means 'the':
Whilst in Austria, I went hunting for a mythical magazine cover I had once heard of, which had 'Die Hiltons' sprawled on the front cover. After perusing places that sold seedy Austrian porn and men's magazines (ie: the front window of every newsagent), I gave up. Google made no mention of it (though I did get a few hits under 964,000 hits for "Die Paris Hilton").But then... I found it in the remains of newspaper I used as wrapping paper (hey, I use it for other reasons than cheapness, like...) So here, in all it's sticky-taped-back-together glory.

There's a boring backstory associated with this magazine cover. To make it slightly more interesting, I "hid" it in this post.


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