Friday, August 27, 2004

Psychographic Rhombus

Well, the Mexican Fondue Party. How can I describe it? How about "2/3". Because I nearly achieved the trifector in terms of getting emergency services called on the party! Firstly came the police, who were called to investigate a noise disturbance. Then came the fire brigade, who came after my fog machine, on the highest power in order to recreate the pollution of Mexico City during peak hour, set off the main fire alarm in the building at 1:30am. Maybe we should have stopped fogging after my apartment's fire alarm went off at the beginning of the night... if only there wasn't a reset button. Luckily the apartment buiding was not fitted with an automated sprinkler system, or I'm afraid that the ambulance may have been called to take away my neighbourly beaten body.

But apart from those little hinderences, the party went very well! I tacked yellow cellophane to the walls and lights, because, according to Traffic, everything in Mexico is yellow. Plus, it made my posters and lights appear to be of shifty, low grade Mexican quality! There was truth or dare, which saw drinking of Holy water (from God's fishbowl) and bobbing in the monster (the form that was created in the beer wheelbarrow, born from peeled bananas, cigarette butts and tepid VB water), and eating of Archie comics. Golly gee! And who could forget the appearance of a new celebrity, the 'person of the party', Sheriff Will.

Sheriff Will. Here pictured surveying the scene with a watchful eye, just waiting for a crisis to avert with his steady, sober, superhuman pacifist psychographic powers.

Psychographic? It's time to talk about Google Whack! It's an awesome game that Charlie told me about, in which you try and find a pair of certified words that will retrieve only one search result on Google. The closest I have come to victory have been Psychographic Rhombus, Postprandial Discombobulation, Discombobulate Juicer. Suprisingly, there are quite a few sites concerning discombobulated oblongs. As for the word 'psychographic', I got it from the course guide to Ruth's recently completed Sydney University "Email Campaign Strategies" course. Email campaign strategies? Doesn't that remind you of something... like SPAM?!? What did she learn there? How to mispell "Sex" and "Viagra" so the Spam filters wouldn't block her emails?

Degree in Spamming. Ruth probably majored in coming up with sender names so generic that we think we know the spam robot. Like Frank, Ally, James or BONuS DeaLZX!!!!1

I had a big sandwich today at work. Want to see it?

My Sandwich. It had capsicum. I was happy.


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