Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Annalise This

I think my tamagotchi, Od'd, is going to die tonight. She is asleep with a giant skeleton over her head and 3 shits next to her bed. Damnit! I knew the name Od'd would eventually come back to get me, since she is going to overdose on sickness. And to think that only today she was turning into a hideously ugly 3D close up version and kissing the screen. Aww... ok how pathetic is this?

I think I love logic! Class today was awesome. Especially when the lecturer, Dr. Bacon, spent most of the lecture talking about fairy tales. Excerpt: "The giant fell down the beanstalk because he was too heavy. Let this be a warning to any of you considering becoming a giant or climbing a beanstalk." This guy is SO broken. It is AWESOME! Especially since the rest of the class just sits there not moving a muscle when he is saying all this ridiculous stuff. Is he worthy of DBM idolization? Bah, what am I saying?! Sorry DBM! But Dr. Bacon is still very cool. [As a postscript, I should add that I will probably get a crushing result on my logic homework when I get it back later today, which will mean my enthusiasm for logic will be destroyed!]

I just finished the invites for my "end of lease" party. I kind of fluked how cool they look (if I hadn't picked a grey made up mostly of pink [who'd have thought it] then I wouldn't have realised how ridiculously good it looks in pink... also, thanks as always to Pat for cleaning up my Illustrator mess cos he has the mad skillz), and I think I'll shell out for colour photocopying as well. Hooray! Now all I have to do is make the party live up to the invites.

Here is what they look like:

The front of the invite... you turn it over to reveal one of the following....

The End-O-Lease Baking-Shit party! Huzzah!


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