Saturday, August 14, 2004

The real campo's

That's weird. I just saw the new Prodigy video and they have gone full 80s techno pop, infused with a bit of Primal Scream's last single 'miss lucifer'. It totally won't go down well with people who don't like 80s techno pop, infused with a bit of Primal Scream's last single 'miss lucifer'. Luckily I'm not one of those people. Also, Ugly Duckling did a video for "The Drive-Thru". Huzzah! "Shouldn't you be reading dianetics?"

Today I went to Campo's for coffee. Not to be confused with the very awesome Campos coffee place in Newtown, this is in fact a coffee shop run by ex-pat (just wanted to say that) 'foot-ball' star David Campese. Affectionatley known to his adoring fans as 'Campo'. And now he makes coffee. Let's just say he should stick to making sport instead of coffee.

I went to the Biennale today with Alys. It was awesome! Except when I embarrassed myself in front of a German woman by claiming that the following image (which was printed on a wall, accompanying a DVD showing wacky Portuguese teens attempting and failing to read out the colours properly) was cool and tricky because it had NO brown colour in it:


Rad, there is an effects laden video on rage featuring people playing handball (not the 'Olympic' sport, but the one with squares, King, Queen and ... Dunce? Wow, I never thought I'd have to spell that... even though I had SO much experience in Dunce [Dunz?]).

Pat is at an AWESOME JT themed party tonight. I mead it had stencils. And banners. BANNERS! I'll have to throw an even better party this weekend. I may even have to pull out my synchronized "Rock Your Body" dance routine. Y'all.

Anyway, Od'd died tonight. On Friday the 13th. But not because she was unlucky, like the day. But because she GOT lucky. With a robot whore. When she was just 8 years old. The fool! And now she's dead. That's what happens when you succumb to robo-whores.

RIP Od'd, 5th Aug 2004 - 13th Aug 2004.

Above: Od'd, Child of the Robot-Whore and a shit.


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