Friday, August 20, 2004

Faux Real

Mexican Fondue party tomorrow! At first I thought the Mexican theme would be there on the invite just to look cool. But further consideration has gotten me more excited about the concept. So excited, in fact, that I have hired a low smoke machine from the Party People (who sounded a bit sullen on the phone. I would have thought having to work on parties every day that you never get to experience would have been the best job ever...) just to recreate an authentic Mexico City smog problem in my apartment! Hopefully my neighbours won't call the Fire Brigade when they see the smoke escaping from under my door. The old "where there's smoke, there's fire" saying just is NOT IN TOUCH with the modern advancement of today's Mexico City-replicating smoke machines!

Speaking of Alex's ADFA physics teacher, as I was, he is probably the raddest 80s dude I have ever seen. Pity this photo was taken in this century. Apparently he hits students with a stick. I would only believe such a ludicrous claim if the stick he was hitting said students with was some kind of fluoro hypercolour glow baton with ninja turtles on it. Check him out:

Rad 80s Dude or Physics Lecturer? Both!

Often I have talked about Ruth (half a sister, employer) and her very suspicious 'easy guide to becoming an employer' book. Well, just in case you didn't believe me, look what I found in her office today:

Would you like to find this in your employer's office?

I should coat it in bananas. She has a banana phobia you know. Can't be in the same room as a banana. Can't be in the same room that a banana was once in. Can't be in a room which will contain a banana in the near future.

I went to visit Pat in his 41rd hour awake last night. At first he seemed pretty normal, but after about 10 minutes he became quite insane. First he said didn't want ice cream, but that if I brought him some, that he would eat it and then ask me to "bring him another". Then he squirted me with water from a big banana novelty gun. Then he donned a shield, sword, visor, bike helmet and flashing light and shouted "DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I'M LOCO?!" and went on adventures battling things. Sorry Georgie.


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