Saturday, August 07, 2004

Tomorrow the blog, today the world!


Well, I'm taking logic this semester. It's too late to change now. This means hours of sitting in cafes on King St, spending on Vienna Chocolates and weeping in the corner because the ridiculous mathematical complexity of logic makes my brain turn into some sort of yogo style goo. On the other hand, it will be kind of fun to have homework again (my 2001 school-goin' self would kick be right now). In the words of my hero
SPOD, "I thizink I may dizie tryin'. It's gonna be huge & superamazing, so watch the fizuck out!".

SPOD, Male, 1 Billion Years old - Conductor of Radness, Destroyer of Dreamz, Inducer of Fantasy (according to his website)

Huge huge thanks to Alys for basically doing my logic homework for me last week while I was having one of aforementioned meltdowns. That's why I'm doing my homework in advance and making sure I understand it this time, and it's great to have someone who can conquer logic so ingeniously if I have any problems!

Talking of meltdowns. I saw Ash last thursday and they were, hands up, the best EVER live band EVER! Well, that doesn't count the Flaming Lips, but that's not really a fair comparison. The Flaming Lips laugh in the face of every other live band on the planet. But back to Ash, I'm pretty sure that during the bridge of 'Orpheus', the stage opened up and I caught a glimpse of 'heaven'. Or maybe, I passed out for a second from standing up too long. Either way, it was cool.

Ash, came on with a guitar on FIRE!

In other news, well in fact, in the real news, I got chosen, for some reason, to be the fluro orange 5x5 pixel poster boy for an
SMH video on Sydney Uni Theatresports. That means this image adorned the top of their 'video' section for a while:


Also, last night Charlie, Garth and 'Sco-T' were subjected to Richie and Marky's walkabout treatment. Basically, they drove them to a very very distant rural (probably) destination to left them to find their own way home without any monmey. HOWEVER, before doing this they got them completely wasted, blindfolded them, dressed them up in girls clothes (if a tiny Elmo teddy counts), shaved half their heads and, in Charlie's case, spraypainted "I hate farmers" on his back and CHAINED HIM TO A TOILET THAT HE HAD TO CARRY AROUND!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Here's hoping they get back. Alive.

Lastly, according
this article, under 21's may be subjected to FUCKED driving rules. Like, no more than 1 teenage passenger and no driving after 10pm! Whilst this would obviously reduce to road toll (not the cash one), it is totally fucked to take away younger driver's rights.



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