Friday, July 23, 2004

Franz, Munyon.

Michael Jackson's new cd, 'Behind the Mike' is out! It turns out that he used the design (and title) I made for his album, and my name appears in the liner notes (twice). Strange thing is, he has spelt my name as 'Wil'. Seems as if my desire to have a slightly cooler name is no longer merely a desire. Or maybe he just thought I was the type of wanker who would demand that my name be spelt like that. Either way I win!

 Michael Jackson.

Franz Ferdinand were on last night. Despite the fact that I had to be BLACKLISTED from the metro to get the tickets (through my own doing, of course), the gig was very awesome. The drummer had no teeth and was about 5ft tall, the bassist was angsty and shy, the guitatist danced around and the singer pranced. The perfect band!

Franz Ferdinand


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