Friday, September 10, 2004

Only I can turn your letter into litter

I am very tired. Look what Pat found! It is a site where you have to choose what thing is least like bread. That would be easy you would think if the options were like "WHEAT" or "PANOPTICON". But no. The options look more like this:

Cat loaf? That is not a legitimate loaf!? You couldn't have it fur dinner. Oh.

Well anyway. Last night was Blink-182. I took Alice, my sister. It was her very first concert... and possibly her very first contact with 15 year old acne infested eno fanboys! But the concert was awesome! Well except that the sound quality wasn't great and we had to go really far back so as to not touch said acne infestations. Here is the best photo I got that night... which is saying something because it is really quite shithouse. Or shit'ouse. No, shithouse. Oh oh, I just did that thing where you lose all sense of meaning for a word if you write it three times in a row. Like this: CHILD, CHILD, CHILD... like seriously, look at that word, what does child mean? Why does it mean a child? ARGH!

Mark bassically had cool hair.

Oh no, my stomach keeps on hurting. I think I am going to have to book some sort of doctor visit. You know your stomach ache is pretty bad when even emo can't fix it. Until then I will just have to keep up this newfound healthy diet. Not that it is working or tasty. Although it does leave you feeling working and tasty. What? That made no sense. Bed makes sense.

Emo Power!

I went everywhere today searching for SPOD's new album (see previous entry). Actually that was a lie. I went to three record stores. And two of them had heard of SPOD. Hooray! Also, SPOD sent me an email!!!! Ok, so it was a reply. To a merchandise question. But still! Look how rad he is just in his words!:

hey will
yeah, there'll be mediums in yellow or white with black print.
mad powa!

Luv & Respexxx from Spod xoxox

Bed time! Why are birds singing at night? They should sleep. Or at least tell me why those little hard balls with sticks on them from the trees keep on blowing in my window in the morning.


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