Thursday, April 27, 2006

Use your Allusion

Oh man. I was just walking deliriously home sometime past midnight in the rain after spending 12 hours straight finishing a crappy essay... when an owl flew right towards me and nearly hit me in the KNEES!!! What's worse, I was listening to the climax of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook. If the owl had killed me, it would have been totally ironic*. Here is a scary owl picture I found.

*That Alanis Morissette-brand of irony which isn't actually irony but instead just a lot of fucking spoons.


At 4/28/2006 11:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


is that a scary owl picture you found, or a scary owl picture you MADE? coz i swear that thing was called a beak, not a kneecapperkneecapperkneecapper. Although that's cool onomatopeia!

Check your phone for messages bro, we want your art!

At 4/28/2006 02:47:00 PM, Blogger penfold said...

i went to the zoo last week and saw the bird show (among other things). it was awesome. but you'd think the sea eagle would have been the most intimidating bird, right? not so...the owl flew really low over us, just to freak us the f*** out!!!

At 4/29/2006 04:20:00 PM, Blogger conditionals said...

You know... if you stare at the owl's wing long enough it starts to resemble a piece of meat in the shape of South America.

Hang on, I think I read about some guy who wrote a book about South American meat likenesses...

At 5/02/2006 10:18:00 PM, Anonymous pat said...

what?? that's ridiculous!

don't forget the LARGE BLACK TALONS on that bird, either.


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