Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turin Breaks

A few nights ago, whilst waiting for the Turkish version of the Nanny to come on SBS (more on that later), we switched across to the coverage of the Torino Winter Olympix Closing Ceremony. Craziness. It was all very confusing... there were Coneheads, nervous looking colonial types, pilgrim people, Avril Lavigne and other Canadians, Andrew Bocelli and other Italians and the Knuckledusters of Hope and Oppression. We spent ages trying to figure out exactly which country Torino was in - Italy or Canadia. I mean... I didn't know that the Coneheads were part of either of their histories.

Anyway, by far the most confounding part of the whole show was the involvement of Satan Rasputin Jr. and his devil minion childs. Observe:

Satan Rasputin Jr. uses the power of the devil childs to summon the Harp of Doom.

SRJ shows off the Harp of Doom's ability to not only shoot out 10m flames, but also to bust out hardcore Wagnerian licks.

I mean, obviously it all made historical sense... saluting the period 1635 - 1783 when Satan Rasputin Jr. ruled the Canadian/Italian hybrid doomstate with a knuckleduster-laden fist. What was confusing was the fact that he had the Harp of Doom, but yet he didn't use it to ash the fleshy populous of the world. All that satanic summoning for nothing.

All in all a pretty disappointing show.


At 3/06/2006 03:52:00 PM, Anonymous N!ck said...

[nerdery] The Harp of Doom = +5 fire damage vs. sopranos [/nerdery]


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