Wednesday, June 30, 2004

At Work

Erk, that sucked. Just as I was about to sit down and dig into my awesome sandwich (with chicken, lettuce, beetroot, onion, carrot and aspara… um, capsicum), read the Spike section of today’s SMH and drink my excessively large coke, a truck containingthe ENTIRE Opera House Aboriginal Art shop (which is kaput from today) arrived. So my sandwich just sat there for an hour.
Speaking of the Opera House, Dad & Ruth won a case against them today for making said shop shut down, so I’m figuring I’ll have to curb my Opera viewing enthusiasm, since the establishment willprobably hate us as much as Cartier (mum had the Cartier guys shut down).
A Copenhagen ice cream place has opened right next door to the ATAC! (that’s where I work!). I think Georgie and Garth went there last night.
Ruth is taking a trip to Malaysia on Friday. After my initial excitement about her getting shot this morning turned out to be fraudulent (just a Hepatitis A shot), I was excited about the fact that shewas taking malaria tablets. Unfortunately they turned out to be ANTI-malaria tablets. Argh. Well I hope Malaysia has LOTS of Bananas.
Hmmm Lousie (she works here too… and, um, I’m 90% sure this is her
website…) just returned from the Copenhagen. Apparently she was goingto get a milkshake but there were “too many damn kids” there. That’s the’youth of today’ for you, always eating their ‘iced cream’.I want some more Ganache (what Alys and I had for dessert last night.It was chocolate, butter and cream melted together. Mmmm).


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