Saturday, June 26, 2004

First Post

I just found out for sure that AM is the nighttime form of 12 o’clock. I always get confused about that. Like, I’m fine with 8PM being nighttime 8 o’clock, but when midday 12 is PM, that’s just confusing. Why shouldn’t it go from 1- 12 instead of 12-11? Well, from now on, no more! I will remember that AM is night time 12. Maybe I will make up something to remind me. Like, AM could equal "A Moon”. No wait, you can see the moon during the day too. Ok, AM could mean “a orrow”. No wait that makes no sense. I am too tired to tell whether it makes sense or not. Anyway, that is all for the moment. I am excited about Going to ugly ducking tomorrow, especially the signing. I will say “see you tonight” and they will be scared. Also I’ll buy that INTERSTELLA 5555 DVD. Will be awesome. Pat is working on his blog at the moment and it’s taking a long time. Hmmm. Also, Alys is working very hard on her exam and is pretty stressed about it. I think I will get her some form of procrastination-inducing gift. If I don’t, and she reads this, wouldn’t that be embarrassing?
Also, originally this blog was going to have a green background with pink text, ala some guy’s manifesto (not Lenin), but I decided not to be so blatantly shit. More subtlety shit. I used auto-correct to spell subtletly. Whoops, no auto-correct there. Black books is funny. I want to be Bernard or Manny. They are funny and drunk and I have been mostly sober recently.
Ok I should go to bed. Big day tomorrow!


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