Monday, April 23, 2007

absolutely, completely, and totally off duty

It's always awkwardly funny when a character in a TV or movie series is replaced by a different actor. Like in Beethoven's 4th, when the children didn't even notice that their father was suddenly JUDGE REINHOLD!!! There's even a whole section of dedicated to dodgy swapping out of actors.

Anyway, I bet you've never heard of this happening on a cartoon. I don't mean the voice actor. I'm talking about the actual character being a totally different person. Well... today I bought the DVD boxset of Inspector Gadget. There was a pilot episode... and nothing, NOTHING, will prepare you for what you are about to see. These two minutes will reach into your memory and retroactively destroy your entire childhood:

Just in case you crave more sacrilege, I also put up the moustachioed opening credits.


At 4/29/2007 09:50:00 PM, Blogger Miriam said...

Oh my god. THAT is awesome.
That dosn't destroy any of my inspector gadget childhood memories, it just makes me even more appreciative of the final product.

Can you imagine if in every episode he went about his inadvertant crime solving, all shifty-eyed, imprudent and scatter brain-Penny and Brain following his every move-All the while these kids are sitting at home not quite understanding why this OBVIOUSLY intelligent gent with a stately moustache and english accent needs the help of a 7 year old and a dog.

I think the writers know they dodged a bullet there.

"Not here you fool, in Gadgets chalet!"

P.s. When the face of Dr Claw was finally revealed, my brother and i were allowed to have the morning off school. Best day EVER.


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